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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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triple digit temperatures hitting the bay area tonight. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> people all along the bay dealing with dangerous he today. you are taking a double look at the conditions where earlier today at vista point. that's what it looked like on your left and the hot temperatures in lafayette on your right. people all across the east bay dealing with these scorching temperatures. >> our reporter is like that waterworld. she met up with some swimmers that are looking for ways to beat the heat.
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>> reporter: it has cooled down and my thermometer is telling me it is only 75 degrees, but that is actually a daytime high. that was not the case earlier today in concord where it was getting into the triple digits. i came out here to see how some were keeping cool. but more importantly keeping safe. when it gets hot like saturday people have their own way of cooling down. >> i get the house and put it on the sprinkler and running it. >> reporter: if the sprinkler is not enough other state to deeper water. before you do make sure you know how to swim or have a life vest on hand. >> they taught me how to swim and 7 feet and taught me how to say people.>> reporter: the cdc reports about everyday 10 people died from drowning across the country. lifeguards check for signs of any struggle in the water and you could keep in mind. >> anyone who looks like they are struggling at all.
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under the water a little bit more than we are comfortable with someone who looks disoriented.>> reporter: it is also important to drink plenty of water. >> lots of water, stay in the water to play in it and lots of sunscreen. >> reporter: drivers need to remember never to leave a pet or child in the car temperatures can quickly soared to a deadly risk. the cdc says young ones and the elderly are most susceptible to heat stroke. hopefully temperatures will begin to cooldown sometime soon. in the meantime i would like to remind viewers to be a good samaritan and check on the elderly neighbors to make sure they are in cooler conditions. some might not have air conditioning so get to community centers and stay hydrated your in the meantime live in concorde paving the heat. these hot temperatures are fueling a massive wildfire in southern california. firefighters are battling a fast-moving fire in santa
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clarita just north of los angeles that currently is a threat to over 1000 homes. there will be three helicopters working throughout the night tonight to try to stop the fire. it started yesterday afternoon and has already burned to 20,000 acres and is only 10% contained. wildlife officials have also actuated a private çsanctuary over 400ñrç rescued exotic animals. over 900 firefighters are working to put the fire out. a wildfire in monterey county has led to evacuation warnings for all areas of the carmel highlands. the fire has consumed more than 6500 acres in the steep mountainous valleys. it is only 5% contained at this point. according to hellfire aircraft they spent all day friday carrying water from the pacific to dump all those steep ledges. they dropped fire retardant as well and crews are getting help
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on the ground. the challenge is the terrain and the wind. >> the biggest factor is how remote it is. it is extremely steep and remote. and >> as temperatures are expected to rise firefighters are pleading with the public to be on guard and ready to be evacuated. our meteorologist is here with a look at the forecast and how hot it will get. >> my folks have been watching that fire and can see the glow at night. the is on right now into the summer months ago and that temperature will be very hot outside. the desert heat will crank up the numbers as we head toward the afternoon. the ridges very strong so today it was 101 in livermore, 89 in san jose, 73 in san francisco. you can see right there those
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are the average temperature so some of these numbers running a good five to 13 degrees above average. may watch these numbers back off just slightly as we head into the next couple of days. out the door we go right now it is a mild 76 degrees in concord, 74 in fairfield, 63 in nampa. we are looking at tomorrow, lots of sunshine and you want to cooler weather you had to closer to the coastline. those numbers near triple digits in some other spots. following breaking news out of oakland where he police officer was shot and is being rushed to the hospital. >> here is what we know, sources tell kron4 the oakland officer was pinned down inside their car and then shot at. it all happened about 73rd
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avenue. in the east oakland section of town. no x news on the extent of the injuries. >> we are working to get more information on this breaking news so stay with us tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. we will bring you any breaking developments as soon as we get them. >> to recap an officer in oakland has been shot and is being rushed to the hospital as we speak. what's new tonight at 10 in the south bay. firefighters knocked out a fire that could have burned down a home. they tell kron4 news a shed caught on fire around noon on melrose avenue next to the mexican heritage park plaza. here are some pictures of them working to knock out those flames. they did so in about 30 minutes and police are trying to figure out what caused this fire. protesters took to the streets of hayward today. local chapter of the naacp
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marched through the streets calling for justice in light of recent deadly involved shootings. one sign read all lives matter when black lives matter. >> reporter: a show of unity before hitting the street. the help bridging the divide between police and the community they serve. >> we hope to be able to change. >> reporter: dozens from all races and ages take off from the south alameda branch of the naacp. a group inspired by what they referred to as several recent cases of police brutality. >> we are here to fight for all the people that died. >> people united. >> reporter: the police department help to facilitate the protest and the messman -- message pixel -- extends to
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police officers as well. >> i hope people know that we are able and capable to work with the police. we want to work with the police. >> reporter: the supervisor nate miley echoing those sentiments. >> we are all gods children, all part of humanity and what we want is just as. justice for all mankind. >> it doesn't matter if you are black or blue >> reporter: drivers honked in support. marchers specific about the changes. >> we are calling for a deeper psychoanalysis for veterans that come out of the military into the police department. it is important that they know this is not a war. we are not in iraq. we are not enemies.
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this is a community. >> reporter: candy and the protest was peaceful culminating at the hall. but we spread a message of positivity of love and joy and peace. and all eyes are on philadelphia this week as the democratic national convention solidifies the hillary, in ticket and they are about to give their ticket. the focus was in miami florida where she formally introduced her running mate. >> in former governor and a civil rights attorney. >> welcome the next vice president, my friend senator. tim kaine. >> reporter: just one day after announcing her pic via social minute -- media they made their
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first appearance in the army saturday. >> senator. tim kaine is everything donald trump and mike pence are not. he is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one. >> i am grateful to you hillary for the trust that you have placed in me and we are going to be [ speaking spanish ].>> reporter: the event was held where more of the half of student body is hispanic. clinton is hoping kaine who is fluent in spanish can help solidify their support.>> reporter: >> donald trump may think america is in decline, but he is wrong. america best days are still ahead. >> reporter: kaine is
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considered an insider and served as a mayor and governor and senator. he supported barack obama in 2008 and has been an early supporter of hillary clinton. >> hillary is ready to be our leader. she is ready to make history. bernie sanders clinton's ex- rival now supporter is calling his 1900 delegates to a private meeting with them the night before the democratic convention starts. but it was a text sent out today and the sanders campaign says the meeting is about continuing the political revolution. some of his delegates are expressing concern about the meetings timing close to when the convention begins voting on platform positions and rules. a leader of the bernie delegate network says most will skip the sanders meeting if it jeopardizes their ability to cast votes. keep it right here on kron4 for the upcoming democratic national convention and philadelphia.
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we know bernie sanders is speaking at the convention so is president. obama and first lady michelle obama as is bill clinton and chelsea clinton. we will have full coverage and analysis all week long right here on kron4 starting on monday. here's what's coming up tonight. the golden state killer terrorized the state in the 70s and 80s and why he is back in the news tonight. wakeen for a great cause, how much money this years breast cancer walk raised. pokimon is only getting more popular. now strangers are playing the game together, but how they are staying safe.
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we are following breaking news where we have just learned a female oakland police officer was shot and is being rushed to the hospital. >> sources tell us the oakland officer was pinned down inside her car and then shot at. it happened along 73rd avenue. and that is the cities east oakland section. >> we don't know the extent of the injuries, we are working to get that confirmed and also with the oakland police department. we know that the mayor is on her way to the hospital to be with that officer and of course we will keep you updated as we are learning more information.
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>> she's been brought -- rush to highland hospital. oftentimes the police response to those hospitals is great. we could see dozens if not hundreds of officers on the scene in that highland hospital area. we can hope that she gets through this. we will move on because that game pokimon go has taken the world and the nation by storm, but also led to problems. >> gamers have been robbed, fallen off cliffs and hit by cars. spencer blake was at a pokimon go crawl today in san francisco where hundreds of people showed up.>> reporter: it was the power of social media that brought these otherwise strangers together. it made it a lot easier for them to catch all those characters they have been after. it was not hard to find people
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playing pokimon go on market st., saturday. >> i've seen a whole bunch of people playing, i never saw anyone who was an official organizer. >> reporter: he said that before he ran into jackson argues that the whole event up on facebook. right now he is living in boulder colorado, but came home to the bay for this. >> it is huge coming out and bringing everyone together and wanted to see if i can help participate in creating events.>> reporter: a social media group let people know where to go. >> i was able to bring in 3.2 thousand people interested in the group and 600 people attending. >> he is the chaperone and tells us where to go. >> reporter: starting at the park various people have dropped lors that entice people together in one place. >> downtown is basically the place to be for pokimon go. >> reporter: the organizer went
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one step further and got local bars involved. >> he asked if we would be interested in being part of this event. >> reporter: bringing in business as players look for pokimon end up getting a drink or two as well. some places tried to capitalize on that but didn't offer the digital rewards. there are some of those discounts going on right now, they can get discounts until 2 am at some places all night at one other place as well. you can find a list of those places on our facebook page. >> they are put on their sinkers and possibly some pink and walked for a great cause today. the avon 39 walk to end breast cancer is taking place this weekend and we caught up with the walkers in town park as
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they finished the first leg of their journey and tonight their feet might be sore because they finished their first part of 26.2 miles. hundreds of survivors their friends and family all started in san francisco and made their way to the north bay. the walkways $4.4 million for breast cancer research and support. >> this is my second avon 39, i did one in santa barbara and this your san francisco. this is a part of my journey as a survivor. i am a three-year survivor and to be here and be surrounded by all of these people trying to stop this horrible disease is an amazing feeling.>> reporter: on sunday the walkers will finish the final 13.1 miles with a festival and celebration and a closing ceremony. they had some nice weather while they were out there and hopefully some nice weather tomorrow to. >> it should be beautiful, but you know what it we have some
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changes coming. people like to travel to hawaii and get away from little bit. storm is brewing out there right now. >> earlier today they were getting rained on by sheets. >> the tropical rain really comes down. we have tropical storm derby that is making its way across the big island. it moves on and and slides across. just about to make its way offshore. sustained winds 40 miles per hour so a week tropical storm, but it's not the winds it is the amount of rain. they could see 10 to 15 inches of rain. there goes derby right by. sustained winds of 40 miles per hour so get ready for some very heavy rainfall. and some of those waves up to 25 feet. over that it moves into open water and begins to dissipate. we have some mostly clear skies
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to some patchy fog overnight. stain mostly clear in the day and the valleys tomorrow. it will be on the hot side in many spots, but along the coastline you will have a seabreeze to keep you cool. in the week ahead we will start to heat things up. expect more triple digit temperatures in the valley. outside right now it is very mild, 70 degrees in san jose, 73 in livermore, 76 and convert. 59 degrees, 61 in novato and 68 at sfo. high-pressure dominating the weather will stick around. the better part of this week we will see hot temperatures. there is still enough of a seabreeze to keep you fairly cool. computer models picking up on that fog trying to form, but it is very patchy, maybe some fog in san francisco as we had
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through the day it starts to break up so if you are headed to the coast you might see a little bit of sunshine. that is the place to keep it cool because the temperatures will get hot in spots. in san jose tomorrow it will be sunny running upper 80s tomorrow. san francisco the numbers will be comfortably cool. and then oakland you will see a very nice day, mostly sunny skies temperatures in the mid- 70s and the breeze will kick into cool you down in the afternoon. still, very hot. away from the coastline 98 degrees, in livermore and maybe 101 in antioch by the afternoon. the next couple of days will hold the temperatures down slightly and then more common we will see the triple digit temperatures and livermore and interior valley. they be some of those places should up to 103 or 105. we will crank up that he toward the middle of the week.
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we have a big difference in temperatures right now. we will break out that some forecast and have temperatures exactly where you live in a couple minutes. new tonight at 10 the pilot of the malaysia air flight 370 practice the so-called suicide route on his flight simulator at home. that's according to the malaysian government document or one of the documents obtained by the new york magazine. it says the pilot conducted a flight simulation similar to the route over the indian ocean. the fbi investigators concluded he did that less than a month before the flight went missing. cnn is not independently confirmed the contents of the document. the plane with 239 people on board disappeared. investigators never figured out what went wrong, but one of the theories is that a pilot may
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have taken the plane down as an act of a murder suicide. they said the plane was diverted from its route and later vanished over the indian ocean. still ahead, if you are flying southwest airlines you will want to stay tuned. the company is still dealing with a computer problem in the bay area and what the airline is doing for passengers. we are learning new details about the gunman and friday's mass shooting in germany. we will tell you what he may have been doing on facebook before the rampage. with ford, america's best selling brand. ♪ i'm free, baby! now get 0% financing for 72 months. plus, specially tagged vehicles get a $1000 smart bonus. only at the ford freedom sales event. ♪ feel free...
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we have an update on the breaking news we are following tonight out of oakland where a female police officer we have learned was shot at and is being rushed to the hospital and treated at that hospital. shot at, but not hit. this happening on the 1900 block of 73rd avenue.
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shot at, but not hit. this happening on the 1900 block of 73rd avenue. >> sources originally told us that the oakland officer was pinned down inside her car and that was when she was shot at. we are talking about the 1900 block of 73rd avenue. no word on the extent of the officers injuries, we know she is being evaluated at the hospital. >> there is a search for a suspect. we are told they are considered armed and dangerous. we have seen some pictures on social media of a lot of police presence. again and oakland police officer was shot at but not hit and the search is on for a suspect. >> we have a crew that is headed to the scene to cover this. there are dozens if not hundreds of officers who are on the scene as well presumably searching for the suspect at this hour. a suspect to at this time has not been caught. >> we will keep you updated. switching gears a bit, the
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nation of germany is in mourning after friday's mass shooting that left endued -- dead including the gunman. today we learn new details about the shooter and what may have happened in the minutes before the shots were fired. tears from those in munich one day after an 18-year-old gunman went on a shooting rampage killing nine people and leaving at least six others with gunshot wounds before taking his own life. witnesses still remember the moments when shots rang out. first at a mcdonald's and then at the olympia mall in munich. >> i heard a scream at first. i am german you will get it. the first shots were fired and the boy of about 14 or 17 who is left for me collapsed and fell to the floor. >> reporter: the interior minister said they turned up no link between friday shooting and international terrorism. only saying that the shooter was fascinated with mass killings. inside his apartment police
10:28 pm
found numerous documents on the subject including a book entitled rampage in my mind. why students kill. one german official went on to say that before the shootings it appears the gunman hacked into a woman's facebook account to post a false special offer promoting discounts at the mcdonald's where the attack began. police said they are still looking into that claim. officials say the man had german and a rainy and dual citizenship. that last check tonight 21 people were hurt by gunfire, three of those are in serious condition. coming up, a young boys tragic death and what his family is doing to make sure it does not happen to anyone else. after the break a decade old rape case is reopened. find out why they reopened this case and its ties to the bay area in tonight kron4 in-depth story.
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the breaking news we are following comes from oakland where a female police officer was shot at this evening and is now at the hospital being examined. again shot at, but not actually hit that they are taking all precautions. >> sources told us early on that that police officer the female police officer was pinned down inside her car and then shot at. as you said not hit. this happened in the area near 73rd and international and at last check they were still searching for the suspect. >> they are calling a suspect armed and dangerous so we will continue to follow this breaking news story and will continue to get information about how that offer service doing and the search for the suspect. buck we have seen pictures coming from the scene they are keeping us back a great distance. there are dozens of police vehicles that we saw in some of those pictures at the scene. many different officers, dozens if not hundreds of officers out on the scene looking for the
10:32 pm
suspect as we speak. we have also been given information early on that some political people in the city of oakland are rushing to the hospital to make sure that things are okay with her. >> you can stay with us here on kron4 as we finish up the 10:00 news and move into 11. the information is continuing on our website. we have sent out several push alerts as we have got new information. @10:30 an investigation into a decades old rape case is reopened. he is known as the east area rapist or the golden state killer. >> the fbi says he is a violent serial burglar, rapist and murderer who terrorize multiple communities from sacramento down to los angeles through the 70s and 80s. >> 10 of those crimes happened in the bay area. nine in the east bay and three in the south bay. tonight reporter goes in-depth on the investigation. >> i grew up..
10:33 pm
that guy reigned terror when i was a teenager.>> reporter: long before ann-marie became district attorney and years before she spent her career analyzing forensic cold cases she along with so many others in the sacramento area spent part of her young life in fear of when and where the east area rapist would strike next. >> the only thing our parents ever said was be home before dark and that all changed because there was a bogeyman lurking.>> reporter: he struck time and time again between 1976 and 1986. the east area rapist was also known as the original night stalker or golden state killer raped 45 victims, committed a dozen homicides and broke into more than 120 homes from sacramento county to orange county. victims ranged in age from 13 to 41. >> a national campaign with billboards. >> reporter: investigators relaunch the campaign to find him. offering a $50,000 reward for
10:34 pm
information leading to the arrest. >> the answer is out there i'm very confident the answer is out there somewhere and with persistence and passion and a good work of our law enforcement we can find the answer. >> reporter: since the late relaunch or than 500 tips have come in many from outside of california. investigators continue to follow up on each one. for ann-marie schubert the fear may be gone, but the hope remains. there will be a break in this decades-old case. >> it needs an answer and that person needs to be prosecuted.>> reporter: is still alive the rapist would be in the late 60s or early 70s. a white male, 6 feet tall with light brown hair that may be great. he may also show an interest in military training or law enforcement that makes. right now the only interest on the part of investigators is tracking him down. in world news tonight the death toll is rising at a
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suicide bombing at a peaceful probe test in afghanistan. so far at least 81 bodies and more than 260 wounded people have now been taken to hospitals. isis is claiming responsibility for sending to suicide bombers into the crowd. this shaky video shows the chaos and carnage in the deadliest attack in the countries capital in the last 15 years of civil war. minority shiite muslims were peacefully protesting to get the schooley controlled government to provide more electricity to their community. a big story tonight out of the east bay where the funeral was held earlier this week for three-year-old marcelina. she is the toddler who died last weekend during a procedure at a san ramon dental office. >> last year six-year-old died after going through an operation at a dental facility. calyx family has been fighting to change the lot say more safeguards are needed for children getting these types of procedures. >> are reporter sat down with
10:36 pm
calyx father to talk about his push for caleb floor. >> how many more kids have to die before we make changes? >> reporter: as one bay area family attended the funeral for their three-year-old toddler who died during a dental procedure last saturday in san ramon. this is beit dad said it brought back memories of their own grief of losing their son caleb also during a dental operation. >> my heart goes out to the family. we are still a year and half in going through this every day and it brings back what we are feeling. he used to come into work with me sometimes. >> reporter: he says caleb was a sweet healthy boy and had a tooth going on top of another so the dentist recommended the have it removed however 10 says
10:37 pm
he and his wife had no idea that the dentist would be giving the anesthesia and performing the operation. >> words from the surgeon was they would have to go through bone and palate which is why we elected to go with the anesthesia, but it was certainly not something that should have endangered his life and i fully believe that it should have been done in a different way with somebody whose sole job was to monitor caleb and the anesthesia. >> reporter: tim says that caleb saw would put new safeguards into place for children especially by mandating dentist give parents options for oral surgery. the bill has faced some opposition but it is in an appropriations committee with some changes to the original. in her case following an inquiry by kron4 news the dentist in that case dr. sherry
10:38 pm
deng is being investigated by the california dental board. >> everybody had to go through the same line whether you had a boarding pass ready or not it is long lines and cancellations for those traveling southwest. people are still struggling to make it to their final destinations. it stemmed from a nationwide concluded glitch that are speak computer to ground their entire fleet on wednesday. flights were able to get back an error that afternoon, but tonight there are still delays being felt all across the country. >> the line was horrendous. horrendous. i am trying to call and i'm looking at hotels i have no close have nothing to do my hair
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is all on the plane. southwest says it is offering flexible rebooking for all passengers affected by the computer glitch. still ahead find out which alcoholic beverages about to get health-conscious. we will explain after the break. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated
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back to the breaking news out of the east bay where a female police officer with the oakland police department was shot at, but not hit with some sort of confrontation with a suspect that has not been caught. that officer as at the hospital. >> sources say the officer was pinned down and at one point that is when the shots were fired. again not fired. just fired at. it is a female officer and we are talking far east oakland.
10:42 pm
we do have a crew on the way. we have seen pictures from that area, dozens of officers on the scene as they search for the suspect. >> this happened about 9:30 this evening and we don't know the extent of the officers injuries but we do have a crew on the way. >> there are several blocks in this area that are roped off as they do the search. people in the area that are on the ground in that area have reports of hearing helicopters above so it appears the oakland police department helicopter is also searching above and i know some of those images we saw flashing lights all over the place. there is a very large police seen in that oakland area as that other person was rushed to the highland hospital. >> the suspect is considered armed and dangerous and we will have an update for you tonight. we will be back after this
10:43 pm
break. >> the heat is on and hot temperatures going to get even hotter in the next few days. we will break it down in our zone forecast coming up next. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee...
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our meteorologist joins us right now. it has been pretty hot. >> too much for you guys? a little too much? >> how much longer will it last that is the question. >> if it last for about three days you can get through it, a weeklong that becomes another problem. >> no rush. >> that is what we're looking at right now. it looks like it will stay hot in some parts of the bay area. almost all week long with no relief until next weekend. out the door right now it is mostly clear out over the bay.
10:46 pm
looking good in the interior valleys to nice and clear. we may see a couple of patches of fog developing along the coastline. these temperatures are mild for this hour. it is 76 degrees in concord. a much cooler temperatures and we are feeling the effects. here is what we can expect. overnight tonight, tomorrow starting out with the patch of fog and here comes the sunshine. it will be slightly cooler maybe a degree or two cooler over the next couple of days. we are talking about upper 90s and the low 100s. next week that summer he will return again i think getting hotter as we go toward the middle of the week. temperatures tomorrow very comfortable in the san francisco , 67 degrees and sunny. oakland looking good, mid-70s there and is starting to get on
10:47 pm
the warm side of san jose 88 degrees and you had to the interior valleys those temperatures pushing 100. high pressure in the southwest. it brings hot temperatures across the part of the country. the rich will break down a little bit and strengthened into tuesday and wednesday and that is going to send those temperatures up again. if you are headed to the lake country that looks really nice. temperatures mid-to upper 80s and around the state very hot in spots. 109 is the expected high in bakersfield, 107 in fresno, 109 in redding, 75 and comfortable in santa barbara. overnight tonight the patchy fog will picked up right computer models and you can see the most is on the coastline and as we had through the day -- head through the day the seabreeze will be enough to
10:48 pm
keep you cool and return fog tomorrow evening. let's break those temperatures down. some 60s in san francisco about 64 in daly city, further to the south 61 half moon bay and over the hill about 80 degrees in palo alto. in the south bay, those temperatures will heat up in a hurry. lots of 80s there high of 88 in san jose, 89 in campbell. east bay temperatures this is where it will get hot, 98 and livermore, maybe 101 and antioch. about 89 degrees in martinez. as we head to the north bay those temperatures will be in the 80s and 90s except right towards the waters edge and it will stay hot in some of those interior valleys. those temperatures toward the middle of the week will get a little hotter starting on tuesday may be in some places getting 103 and 105 before we all start to cool things down. i think much cooler temperatures expected about saturday.
10:49 pm
there is a long way between now and then. >> a lot of days to crank up the ac. >> less clothing more water. we are covering stories around california tonight. >> the big story tonight is the states unemployment rate it has edged up to 5.4% last month. >> that is according to the employment development department. it was 5.2% in may and 6.2% in june of last year. a separate survey of businesses shows that california's payroll job increased by more than 40,000 in june. a ranking of the cities which manage money the best, los angeles came in at the top. it is a survey by credit minneapolis and new york a minute two and three and san francisco did not even make the full story -- screen. they were number 12. they had many variables.
10:50 pm
the most popular alcoholic beverage in america is about to get health-conscious. the beer institute wants to add nutrition labels on the bottles. it will include the number of calories, carbs and fresh must -- freshness dating. they agreed to the standards affecting about 80% of the beer sold in the united states. we talked about those. labels and you know you will look at it if you have a ballgame. the giants and the a's let's saddle up and get after it because it was a good one. we start with the giants in new york and go straight to the fund. that is mac williamson and that ball is gone. 1-1 middle of the game and this game went on for a while.
10:51 pm
look at some of the defense. what a gorgeous catch by angel, the diving catch. a lot of help from the defense today. that is another nice one. mac williamson over there who had hit that home run earlier and he snags up all away from the fan. 1-1 in the tent and we go to the 12th. that is a basic, basic run comes in, giants when 2-1. oakland a's, they had a good one as well. we want to get to the video because it was wild in oakland today. you see here that is chris davis with a base hit that put oakland on top early on of 1-0 bottom of the first, but you know what that one point they fell behind 3-1, but it was okay. it is okay when you have a guy like jake. that ball is gone, bottom of the ninth ties it with that home run and we continue to boom baby that ball is out of
10:52 pm
here. ryan healy, that is the game- winner right there. is going to win this thing four- 4-3 in one of the most exciting match-ups of the year. speaking of baseball we have all sorts of excitement tomorrow. you see ken griffey junior. he will be inducted into the hall of fame tomorrow. the official ceremony is tomorrow and we talk basketball kevin durant continues to be the villain in other parts of the country, but especially in oklahoma. i think you can see it here. a store selling to rent under jersey for only $.48. the original price of the jerseys went for roughly $70. >> that's a bargain. >> prices on the jersey are nine -- down 99% >> which one would you rather have? >> no oklahoma city thunder
10:53 pm
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many people around the they have been seen whales in the bay, but some humpback whales in half moon bay have gotten a taste of viral fame. >> they got a little too close for comfort for some paddle boaters and kayakers. take a look at this video it happened earlier this week. they stole the spotlight. you see it right next to that paddle boarder. >> new çvideo of the whales ye again and this time they did a photo bomb for a kayaker on a fishing trip. my heart jumped when i saw that. can you imagine being that kayaker? >> continuing our breaking news
10:57 pm
after the break we will give you an update on that situation in east oakland. buck we have details on what happened and an update on the officers condition. we have an update on the kron4 news at 11 that is next.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
breaking news at 11 tonight a female officer has been injured in a shooting. >> this happened about 9:30 this evening at 73rd avenue. at about international boulevard in east oakland. right now police do not have a suspect in custody they are looking for the person responsible for shooting at this female police officer, but not hitting her. they are saying the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. >> reports that we're getting from the ground in that area there is a very large police presence right now as you can imagine in that area. we have heard reports that the


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